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Businesses often purchase a wide variety of business insurance to protect their operations in the event of an accident, natural disaster, or other unpredictable event. From property insurance and general liability insurance to professional liability insurance, insurers offer a range of policies for nearly all types of coverage. But when disaster strikes and the time comes to file a claim, you may find it difficult to collect the compensation your business needs and deserves. If you have paid your premiums but are now being denied the full benefits owed to you by your insurance company, you may need the assistance of a Houston bad faith litigation lawyer from Law Offices of Mark A. Correro.

Our award-winning litigators handle cases that include:

Taking on a Wide Range of Cases

Dealing with an insurance company has never been known as an easy process. If you are simultaneously trying to run a business, the matter can become all the more complicated. Why not allow our Houston business litigation lawyers to deal with your insurance provider for you? We can represent you in numerous bad faith insurance claim types so that you can focus on what is more important: the health of your company. We will keep you up-to-speed on any and all important decisions and you are always free to contact us any time to see how our corporate lawyers are hard at work to ensure that your claims are being resolved fairly and in a timely manner.

We welcome all cases involving bad faith insurance and fraud, including:

  • Wrongful denial of insurance claims
  • Cancellation of policy without a valid reason
  • Refusal to investigate a claim
  • Failure to investigate a claim
  • Underpayment of a claim
  • Delay in payment of a claim
  • Unfair premium hikes for filing a claim

Business Owner Policy Coverage

Do you know exactly what your business owner insurance carrier has done to violate their contract or use insurance bad faith strategies? Is it possible that they have done less than you think? It is always possible that they have done more than you know.

Our investigation into your case begins with thoroughly reviewing your insurance coverage that you purchased from your provider. In many bad faith insurance cases, a breach of basic business owner’s policies occurs. To understand what you might be going against and what might need to be done to rectify the wrongdoing, consider what is generally found in a business owner policy.

  • Property: Covers the monetary costs of actual damage that harms your business, such as money stolen from registers or shop windows shattered through vandalism or a violent storm.
  • Business interruption: Provides income to keep you supported while your business is repaired or otherwise recovers from actual damages.
  • Liability: Protects you from having to pay out of your own pocket should you be sued by a third-party, such as would be the case if someone slipped and fell in your retail location.

It would be considerably rare if your business owner’s policy did cover auto insurance for employees, workers’ compensation benefits or claims, and generalized health insurance plans for associates. However, you should never rule out what may or may not be covered and what may or may not constitute bad faith insurance tactics. Let our Houston bad faith insurance attorneys determine where your legal options begin and end.

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