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Working in the healthcare industry, you are likely to see a lot of activity with Medicare and Medicaid, programs funded by the federal and state government and taxpayers like you. For the most part, many healthcare facilities do practice honest billing methods. Unfortunately, in some cases, a doctor or hospital can take advantage of the system by submitting claims for unnecessary procedures or those different than what was actually performed. This is known as upcoding and it is illegal.

Examples of upcoding fraud can include:

  • Fraudulently changing medical records in order to bill for unnecessary procedures
  • Unbundling billing codes to charge for separate procedures in order increase reimbursement from Medicaid/Medicare
  • Submitting billing code for a more expensive service that was not performed
  • Double billing the government and a private insurance company for the same procedure
  • A pharmacist billing for a brand name drug after providing a generic drug to a patient

The use of electronic records has made it easier than ever for healthcare providers to change billing codes and upcode procedures. It is up to you to report the fraud you have witnessed and to stop the billions of dollars that are wasted in taxpayer money. If you are suspicious of or aware of upcoding of treatment, it is vital that you contact a Houston upcoding fraud lawyer who is experienced in federal False Claims Act litigation.

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At Law Offices of Mark A. Correro, we have tackled numerous whistleblower cases involving upcoding. We can represent you through the process and protect you from employer retaliation and more.

You can make a difference by coming forward about the fraud you’ve seen. The government encourages individuals to help them fight fraud and rewards them with a percentage of the total damages recovered. But only the first individual to take action will qualify.

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