Government Contracting: False Claims Act Violations

The False Claims Act (FCA) was first launched to combat fraud perpetuated by underhanded government contractors during the Civil War. In the words of the Supreme Court of the United States:

“[The Statute] originally adopted following a series of sensational congressional investigations into the sale of provisions and munitions to the War Department. Testimony before Congress painted a sordid picture of how the United States had been billed for nonexistent or worthless goods, charged exorbitant prices for goods delivered, and generally robbed in purchasing the necessities of war. Congress wanted to stop [the] plundering of the public treasury.

It is not surprising that these continue to be areas of great concern for the federal government. Just as the United States has experienced vast economic and industrial growth since the Civil War, so to has it experienced a greater demand for competent contractors. Problems have arisen, however, in that simple contracts for food or supplies have given way to complex commercial transactions for the procurement of an enormous array of goods and services. As these contracts become more complex, the fraudulent schemes of greedy contractors become more subtle. At times it is difficult, even for an experienced attorney, to evaluate how a particular scheme constitutes fraud so as to fall under the FCA. Two examples of how contractors have bilked the federal government are lying on applications to get federal loans, and falsely certifying compliance with government contracts.

If you are aware of a false claim or fraud existing in a government contract in which you are involved, you should reach out to a Houston government contract fraud lawyer who can help.

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Passionate Representation for Whistleblower Claims

The False Claims Act was put in place to protect the government against fraudulent uses of their funds, as well as the individuals who report their findings. We have deep experience and knowledge of whistleblower investigations and litigation.

We can take cases that involve a wide variety of government contracting fraud, including:

  • Defense contractor fraud
  • Agriculture subsidies fraud
  • Disaster relief fraud
  • Environmental fraud
  • Research grant fraud
  • Public works and construction fraud

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If you are concerned about the repercussions of filing a whistleblower suit or you have any questions about the process, we would be happy to provide you with more information and answers. We can work with you to protect you from retaliation stemming from your whistleblower suit.

The first whistleblower to file a claim will receive a portion of the government’s awarded damage. Get started today.

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