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Working in the oil and gas industry or entering into a legally binding contract for an oil and gas project can be quite risky, as any dispute can lead to costly litigation and delays in your project. Your company can stand to lose a significant amount of money if a dispute does not end in your favor. If you are currently dealing with any type of commercial oil or gas legal dispute, we encourage you to discuss the matter and the details of the dispute with our Houston oil and gas litigation lawyers at Law Offices of Mark A. Correro.

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Throughout the years, our attorneys have represented many companies and individuals in oil and gas litigation. This area of corporate law is complex and includes constantly changing legislation, which is why we are focused on providing you with efficient and up-to-date legal representation.

We can help you resolve a wide range of legal matters, including:

  • Land ownership disputes
  • Joint ownership disputes
  • Oil and gas royalty disputes
  • Payment disputes
  • Water rights disputes
  • Oil and gas contract disputes

We have an in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of legal fields that are necessary to represent oil and gas litigation cases, including environmental law and real estate law. Our team is also comprised of seasoned litigators who are always prepared to take your case to court.

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We highly advise that you schedule an initial consultation to speak with one of ourbusiness litigation attorneys about your oil and gas litigation issue. We can review the unique circumstances of your case and let you know your options.

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