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Standing Up for Business Owners Rights

As a business owner, you take precautions to ensure that your business environment is safe and free of risk. No matter how proactive you are, though, customers or visitors on your commercial property may still sustain injuries or harm. When this happens, you may face a premises liability lawsuit, which can be devastating to your business. Even if you have the right insurance policies in place, it is still important that you get in touch with a Houston premises liability defense attorney who understands premises liability laws and how to defend these claims.

If you are being accused in a premises liability case, the business litigation lawyers at Law Offices of Mark A. Correro can help. We have more than two decades of collective experience and our lawyers have been honored by legal organizations such as Texas Super Lawyers® and the Texas Bar Foundation. No matter where your property is located or how complex the case, we work hard to make sure your business is not negatively impacted by a premises liability lawsuit.

Our corporate lawyers have handled a wide range of premises liability cases:

  • Industrial facilities
  • Petrochemical facilities
  • Retail stores
  • Commercial office spaces
  • Convenience stores
  • Warehouse facilities
  • Public parks
  • Grocery stores

Proving Negligence in Premises Liability Cases

In Texas, a property owner has a legal obligation to exhibit care that they should not expose visitors to unreasonable risk of harm. This is known as a duty of care and failure to do so can be considered negligence. Individuals seeking damages in premises liability cases must show that they suffered injuries as a direct result of the negligence of a property owner.

A successful premises liability claim must prove that:

  • The owner had prior knowledge that a potential hazard existed
  • The condition must constitute an unreasonable risk or potential for harm
  • The owner did not take steps to reduce or remove the hazard
  • The visitor’s injury was a direct result of the hazardous situation

In practice, assigning negligence is not so simple and, in many circumstances, it may be impossible for an owner to know about every potentially hazardous situation. You are not responsible for every accident a person may have on your property and a skilled lawyer from our firm can help you to protect your rights.

Determining the Status of an Injured Visitor

Under Texas premises liability law, a person who enters onto your property is considered to be in one of three categories. The duty of care you owe a visitor depends greatly on why that person is on your property.

The three main types of visitor:

  • Invitee: A person who enters onto a property under the invitation and knowledge of the property owner. A client you invite onto your property for a business meeting is an example of an invitee. This category of visitor is owed the greatest duty of care.
  • Licensee: A person who enters onto property with the owner’s permission but not necessarily by direct invitation. Social guests can also fall into this category. Owners have a lower responsibility to licensees than to invitees.
  • Trespasser: A person who enters onto your property with no invitation and without permission is considered to be trespassing. You owe a trespasser little to no duty of care and may not be liable for any injuries they sustain while on your property. An exception to this is when injuries occur due to willful or intentional violence.

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If an accident or injury has occurred at your business location, time is of the essence. Talk to us today so we can discuss ways to protect your business and prepare for, or possibly prevent, future litigation. You can count on our team at Law Offices of Mark A. Correro for effective and aggressive litigation defense. We represent companies who have been targeted in a wide range of premises liability claims and have tackled incidents from sprained ankles to fatalities. Whatever the severity of the claim, we are dedicated to defending your interests and protecting your business.

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