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The second area where Best Price is used to defraud the government is with kickbacks. The new Guidance reminds manufacturers that discounts deserve careful scrutiny particularly because of their potential to implicate the Best Price requirements of the Medicaid Rebate Program. In addition, the Guidance highlighted the OIG’s fear that manufacturers have “a strong financial incentive to hide de facto pricing concessions” that could affect Best Price calculations and trigger increased Medicaid rebates.

Examples of actions prohibited by The Anti-Kickback Statute include:

  • Pharmaceutical company giving bogus grants or remunerations in exchange for a doctor writing scripts
  • Physicians referring blood samples to a specific laboratory in exchange for a handling fee
  • Hospital paying physicians remunerations for each patient they admit to the hospital

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Whistleblower (also known as Qui Tam) lawsuits can be quite complex and time-consuming. At Law Offices of Mark A. Correro, we are experienced with litigating against kickbacks, and represent our clients with the highest quality of legal care. As a whistleblower, it is critical that you have an experienced and trusted Houston kickback whistleblower attorney on their side. If you are aware of any suspicious activity involving fraudulent activity in your workplace, including the existence of kickbacks, you should not waste any time before calling our team. We can explore your options and advise you on how you should proceed.

An individual or healthcare facility that is found guilty of violating the Anti-Kickback statute can face fines as well as imprisonment with a felony conviction. If your whistleblowing case is successful, you may be able to recover a portion of the damages awarded to the government. Talk to us today about how you can help stop fraud.

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